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Helpful Information for New Residents

Here you will find some topics which are helpful specifically to new residents to the Island:

Island Life
The Island has excellent health care, high educational standards, efficient transport and communication systems, together with a buoyant economy, political stability and traditional independence. There is a relaxed and peaceful way of life in the Isle of Man with an untroubled atmosphere and friendly residents.

Whilst offering all the services and facilities of a modern European centre, the Island also boasts a fine selection of restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities. Yet away from the busy commercial centres, the Island has retained a pace of life, which is the envy of most urban dwellers.

With the tourist industry complementing other sectors of the Island's varied economy, residents enjoy amenities such as the theatre, cinemas, modern hotels, health clubs, a casino and night clubs in addition to the many public houses and top—class restaurants which belie the Island's modest population.

If you are taking up residence in the Isle of Man upon your arrival there are various aspects of Island life you will need to consider.

Benefits and Services
New residents will find that certain public services and benefits are not immediately available to them on arrival. For example, public authority housing is restricted to those with at least ten years' residence on the Island; five years' residence is required to qualify for Income Support and six months for Family Income Supplement. If you were previously UK resident and/or entitled to a UK state pension, then these rights are normally transferred to the Isle of Man and a pension paid by the Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Security. You will also be entitled to free bus travel once aged 60.

Health Care
New residents, who should register with a General Practitioner on arrival, are entitled to the full range of services from the date of taking up residence. Prospective new residents with special medical requirements are advised to make enquiries of the Department of Health and Social Security to ensure that appropriate facilities are available.

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Driving and Vehicle Licences
New residents must obtain an Isle of Man driving licence. Persons holding current driving licences issued in the UK, EU, Channel Islands and certain other countries can obtain an Isle of Man driving licence by presenting their existing driving licence to the Vehicle Licensing Office, Department of Transport's Licensing Office, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas, United Kingdom and foreign registered motor vehicles must be re-registered as soon as possible after the owner takes up residence. In order to comply with this requirement, persons should attend the Vehicle Licensing Office, Department of Transport's Licensing Office, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas. It will be necessary for owners of UK registered motor vehicles to present the following documents:

a. the existing vehicle registration document
b. a current insurance certificate for the vehicle
c. if the vehicle is more that 3 years old it will also be necessary to produce a
vehicle testing certificate.

However, persons holding driving licenses other than those issued in the UK or Channel Islands may have to take a driving test and should contact the Vehicle Licensing Office to establish if this will be necessary.

These certificates can be obtained by contacting the Vehicle Testing Centre, Tromode, Douglas. Telephone: +44 (0)1624 627431.

Persons wishing to re-register foreign vehicles (i.e. from outside the United Kingdom) or commercial or other types of vehicle should contact the Vehicle Licensing Office to enquire about additional registration requirements.

For further information, please contact the Vehicle Licensing Office, Department of Transport's Licensing Office, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 2RF. Tel: 01624 686827.

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Work Permits
Whilst there are no special restrictions on access to the Island (other than those under the Immigration Act which apply equally in the United Kingdom) the ability of newcomers to take up work is governed by the Control of Employment Acts which require anyone who is not an "Isle of Man worker" to have a permit before starting employment or self-employment in the Island. (There is a certain limited number of occupations for which permits are not required, e.g. doctors, dentists, ministers of religion and the police).

Qualification as an "Isle of Man worker" includes being born on the Island, resident for at least five years, married to an "Isle of Man worker", having received full-time education during residence (and having remained on the Island thereafter) or having a Manx-born parent who has spent the first five years of their life on the Island. Full details are given in the Department of Trade and Industry web site.

The work permit system is currently under review.

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Income Tax
As soon as possible after arriving in the Isle of Man, new residents should contact the Assessor of Income Tax so that appropriate returns and any advice on income tax liability can be issued. It is necessary to complete a 'Registration for Manx Income Tax' form.

Regarding qualifying for Manx residence in terms of the required number of days to be spent on the Island and other matters please be aware that this may not always be straight forward and you should seek advice on this.

Voters List
Forms are sent to all households annually in January and at that time your details should be entered and returned to the Treasury, Voters Section, for inclusion on the electoral roll. For further information, please contact the Voters Section, Economic Affairs Division, The Treasury, Illiam Dhone House, 2 Circular Road, Douglas, IMI IPQ. Telephone: +44 (0)1624 685750.

Residential Property
The construction industry has been swift to respond to the demands of a growing Island population and homes of all sizes, to suit most tastes, pockets and lifestyles, are available in a variety of locations. Potential buyers will find a comprehensive range of properties available on the Island including apartments, bungalows, traditional terraced, semi and detached houses and quaint country cottage retreats right up to large country and coastal properties.

Property Rates
Upon becoming the owner or occupier of a property on the Island, new residents should contact the Rating Section of the Treasury so that its records can be updated. The rating year commences on the 1st April each year. For further information, please contact the Rating Section, Finance Division, The Treasury, Government Offices, Bucks Road, Douglas, IM1 3PX. Telephone: +44 (0)1624 685631/2.

Public Sector Housing
Both Central Government, through its Department of Local Government and the Environment, and several of the district local authorities, including Douglas, hold and control a sizeable stock of public sector housing. However, Government policy encourages home ownership and emphasis is placed on mortgage assistance for first-time buyer homes in the freehold market whilst continuing the construction of state-owned premises, where appropriate, currently including the provision of housing for the elderly.

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Comparisons with UK
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